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Istanbul Workshop

International Workshop on Performance-based Infrastructure Asset Management
ITU MACKA Facilities Istanbul, 6-9 July 2008

Hosted by Istanbul Technical University
Supported by US-NSF, USDOT-FHWA, Turkish Infrastructure Agencies and Agencies from Canada, EC, Japan and Switzerland

7 July 2008 (Monday) DAY 1;

Paradigms and Concepts Underpinning PBIAM: Infrastructures and Sustainability: Where are we today?

Economic and Engineering Considerations:

Societal Considerations:

Ecological Considerations:

Infrastructures and Sustainability: Vision for Future


  • Presentation and discussion of Straw-Person Ontology (Ontology Committee)
  • Necessary elements of an international research agenda as inspired by the presentations (Drs. Catbas and Ghandehari)

July 2008 DAY 2 – 9:00 AM
PBIAM: Current State of Applications and Research Needs

Progress Report on Workshop Objectives...

Full Agenda